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The way your Creative Work is displayed is what makes artistvenu truly special

The Way Your
Creative Work
Is Displayed Is What
Makes artistvenu
truly special
The Portfolio Gallery

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Beginning with
The Portfolio Gallery
You can display your work
in a  1, 2, 3 or 4 column layout
(with or without a sidebar)
Thumbnail images link to a dedicated Project Page – shown next
The Work Project Page

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Project Pages offer optional dynamic
features to help you
display and promote your work!
Each page has it’s own URL
enabling you to
share it to email, social media & external sites!
The Vivid Pop Up Display

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From the Project Page, visitors can click
to enlarge a full aspect ratio image
of your work in a large light-box display!

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Display Guarantee

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“I hired Marketmeteor to recreate my gallery website. Thus far I could not be more pleased. Chuck is extremely responsive to my website needs and takes the time to make sure I understand how to use the Internet to the best interest of my business. I not only use Marketmeteor exclusively for my website management, hosting, email service and email marketing campaigns, I hired Chuck to build a second site for another project.

Way to go Chuck. Thank you so much”!!

“I am very pleased with what Chuck and Marketmeteor has provided me as a website dedicated to my art. Not only do they present the work beautifully, they provide related marketing opportunities that I would have never thought of on my own. I used to manage my own website. Not only was it extremely tedious to update (especially at year-end), but also it was not mobile optimized, which Marketmeteor accomplishes beautifully. For a very competitive price, Chuck has given me a website that has been praised by
my peers (other nationally-known artists), as well as collectors. I have nothing but praise for his responsiveness to requests for updates (even small ones), and his dedication to his clients.”
J. Z.

I am 100% pleased with Marketmeteor and their design and implementation of my new website. Chuck brings what I think of as the three most important elements in building a site: 1) knowledge of internet technology and how to enhance search engine presence; 2) talent in the realm of design; and 3) meticulous attention to detail. He delivers on time, and is always responsive to my ongoing needs and feedback. I could not be happier. K. B.

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