‘We Are Talking About Rebuilding Half a City’: How Beirut’s Cultural Community Is Recovering Three Months After the Deadly Blast

The opening of “Beirut Year Zero.” Photo: Karim Sakr.

It’s been just over three months since a pair of explosions ripped through Beirut, leaving the city reeling. Inside the city’s Sursock Museum, an elegant stone and marble colonnade is such an alluring sight—evocative of Beirut’s golden age and the institution’s exemplary collection—that, for a moment, it’s easy to forget the blown-out door and window frames lying on the floor. 

With no support from the government, a collapsed economy that has made financial hardship a normal part of life, and a spike in coronavirus cases that has overloaded hospitals, the Lebanese have been left to fend for themselves, rebuilding and reconstructing their beloved city with grit and determination. 

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